Israel Policy Pod

Seeing Through the Fog of War

October 19, 2023 Israel Policy Forum
Israel Policy Pod
Seeing Through the Fog of War
Show Notes

On this week’s episode, IPF Atid Director Shanie Reichman returns to the podcast to discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas war with Tel Aviv-based journalist Neri Zilber. They reflect on Israelis’ trauma almost two weeks after the devastating October 7 attacks, discuss the explosion at al-Ahli hospital in Gaza and the role of misinformation, unpack President Biden’s visit to Israel and the state of U.S.-Israel ties, and provide an overview of how the conflict has impacted other states in the region. 

  • In this week’s Koplow Column, Chief Policy Officer Michael Koplow outlined three key issues that Israeli leaders should grapple with as they prepare to destroy Hamas in Gaza.
  • Writing in The Messenger, Michael outlined the implications of self-identified progressives abandoning American Jews in the wake of October 7th. 
  • In The Christian Science Monitor, Israel Policy Pod host Neri Zilber unpacked the uncertainty surrounding how Israel plans on achieving its aims in Gaza.
  • On this week’s Israel Policy Pause, Senior Policy and Communications Associate Alex Lederman recapped President Biden’s emergency visit to Israel this week.
  • Watch this week’s Israel Policy Briefing with Haaretz Military Correspondent Amos Harel on the latest development on the ground and Israel’s strategic challenges.
  • For all of our resources on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, including a timeline of events from 1949 until now, explore our new Israel at War webpage.
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