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Negotiations, Tensions, and Politics

January 31, 2024 Israel Policy Forum
Israel Policy Pod
Negotiations, Tensions, and Politics
Show Notes

On this week’s episode, Israel Policy Forum Policy Advisor and Tel Aviv-based journalist Neri Zilber and IPF Atid Director Shanie Reichman unpack the latest updates from Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, possibilities for an upcoming hostage-release deal, tensions on the northern border with Hizballah, debates in the government about resettling Gaza, emerging details about UNRWA’s involvement in the October 7 attacks, and more.

  • This week, our board chair, David Sherman, and CEO, David Halperin, wrote a letter explaining why the U.S. must promote a viable pathway to two states that acknowledges the obstacles on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. Read here.
  • In this Thursday’s Koplow Column, Chief Policy Officer Michael Koplow wrote on Israel’s relationship to the international community following the last week’s International Court of Justice decision and recent revelations about UNRWA
  • We also published two articles in The Forward this week: one by Senior Policy and Communications Associate Alex Lederman on his recent Israel Policy Forum delegation to Israel and why embracing subjectivity is key to understanding the ongoing war in Israel and Gaza (read here)
  • and another by Evan Gottesman on last week’s ruling at the International Court of Justice on Israel’s genocide case. Read here.
  • Finally, this week our policy advisor Neri Zilber wrote in the Financial Times on the current state of play of Israel’s campaign in Gaza (read here)
  • and in the Christian Science Monitor on reconciling the two aims of Israel’s war against Hamas. Read here.
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