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Will Bibi Take a Plea Deal?

January 18, 2022 Israel Policy Forum
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Will Bibi Take a Plea Deal?
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Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu has entered talks with the attorney general over a plea deal to end his ongoing corruption trial, a move that could have major legal and political ramifications. Tel Aviv-based journalist and Israel Policy Forum Policy Advisor Neri Zilber hosts Haaretz and Economist correspondent Anshel Pfeffer, author of Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu, to unpack the possible terms of the deal, explain why it's on the table now, and assess what it all could mean for not just Bibi's future, but the stability of the Bennett-Lapid coalition. 

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Were you surprised that Bibi may agree to this potential plea deal?
Why are these negotiations taking place now?
Should we believe that this plea deal will strengthen Israel's judicial system?
What does the Israeli public think about this potential plea deal?
Would Netanyahu step down from his role as Likud chairman?
Do you think a plea deal will be agreed to?
Could a plea deal impact the stability of the Bennett-Lapid coalition?
Would the right-wing members of the Bennett-Lapid coalition attempt to form a new alternative government?
How would this potential plea deal impact Bibi's legacy?